Teams become Agile when you stop asking them to ‘Do Agile’!

Teams become Agile when you stop asking them to ‘Do Agile’!


What is your expectation, “Do Agile” or “Be Agile”?

What is your favorite question, “are you doing Agile” or “are you Agile” ?

There is a big difference between the two.

Doing Agile (Agile by Practice)

It is all about practices: Iterations, Planning, Standups, Retrospections, User Stories, Story Point, etc…

There are noticeable difference in doing agile. By adopting these practices you will get some benefits such as: faster feedback, improved communication, better direction, common understanding, customer involvement, improved transparency and collaboration, etc.

Being Agile (Agile by Spirit)

It is all about having an Agile mindset. You exhibit agility in the way you behave. Building a culture which will enable agility. In this realm, people no more worried about certain ceremonies or practices, but they are conscious about the purpose. Agile teams are empowered and self-organizing with a high sense of responsibility and commitment.

A wonderful representation by Michael Sahota is given below,



What is your focus?

In the Agile world, you will get what you ask for!

Be aware about the distinction and ask your team, “How can I support you to ‘be Agile’?”

Now you may know, what I mean by, “Teams become Agile when you stop asking them to ‘Do Agile’!”

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Learning to become an Agile Shepherd! My dream is to coach people by connecting with them on a high conscious level, like a Shepherd. He is a person who loves to keep things simple and straight, be it at work or at relations. He truly believe that life is sweet and enjoyable. He works with human beings. He believes that any work which involves human interaction is moral work and any moral work depends upon practical wisdom. For him, life is a journey for learning and understand more about myself.

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