To spread the knowledge about agile and scrum adoption in India(and beyond), we created a space to share case studies. If your company is using agile practices (in the broad sense: scrum, kanban, xp, lean, lean startup, etc) and you are willing to share your story, please do. There are 2 ways to share:


If you are interested in doing an interview (with or without mentioning your company), you can send an email to or contact him through what’s app or slack.

Case studies

You can send the case study to

To submit a case study, you can send us a write up. If you want guidance, follow (part of) this structure (but feel free to write as you see fit):

Abstract (summary)

Context (description of the situation and your organization)

Key learning points (what can others take away from your experience?)

Agile practices we experimented with


What we wanted to achieve with our move towards agile

The results

The challenges we faced

What we learned