Top 7 Reasons Why You Should be at AgiledayTVM, the Agile Workshop in Trivandrum

#AgileDayTVM is a hands-on workshop that take you through the agile principles and practices that helps you tackle the increasingly complex challenges of project management and software development. The training also covers continuous testing and automation which helps the organization to accelerate productivity.  Whether your team would like to get introduced or to gain in-depth knowledge in Agile, AgiledayTVM is what you are looking for.

We can give you numerous reasons to attend #AgiledayTVM. Here we list top 7 reasons to attend this comprehensive agile training happening in Maurya Rajadhani, Trivandrum on July 8, 2017.

  • Actionable Content

In one day, you will learn Backlog preparation, Agile Frameworks, to decide when a project can be done in Agile and when not, Continuous Testing and Automation in Agile, how to tweak Agile to suit your needs, Agile outside the IT world and more.

  •  Speaker Line up

We have 6 speakers from diverse platforms, including an entrepreneur, operations head, business analyst, .NET specialist and QA specialist.

  •  Learn the Methodology By Doing

This workshop is NOT interchangeable with other agile events and conferences.  It certainly not like reading the book or learning agile tutorials online.  In the workshop the teams visualize their own product and build up the chart for them. Also, they will create their own product backlog with help in user story writing and user story splitting. With that, you will learn Agile hacks and best practises.

  •  Learn About the future of testing

The training covers Continuous Testing and Automation in Agile and you will learn to become more agile in your testing to decrease bugs in production and increase releases to production.

  •  Change the Way you Work With the Clients

We help you to satisfy your customer through early and continuous delivery of valuable, but not full-featured, product. This means we’re developing software and adding at least one feature, per iteration. This helps the customer to see the real progress and give you immediate feedback on each new feature.

  •  Deliverables

You will earn 8SEUs, participation certification from Ekipa, 10% discount on all the future events of Ekipa.

  •  Networking

Last but not least, you can share your experiences with peers. Discover how your peers are solving real-world problems and finding new ways to implement solutions. Detailed discussions and debates helps you to learn from others and take in viewpoints that you haven’t thought of yet. Yes, a lot of great things can happen by being in a room with other people passionate to learn about a subject like Agile.

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