First Agile Circles Meetup In Jakarta – A Sneak Peek

We try to get to know each other and learn about experiences which each of us undergo on our Daily business.

We discuss about how we see a good Product Owner should be. From managing the stakeholder, understanding the product and the team. Creating and managing backlog and How PO should manage expectation from every stakeholder, even from development team.

we discuss how we coach developer to understand agile development. how important is team building and influencing other team about best practices.

We discuss how to be a good scrum master. We believe that if Product team are working with agile process correctly and team work PO and Dev team are working, so the Role of scrum master is minimise, then we see that the scrum master are successful on implementing the scrum.

The main challenge on doing Agile Transformation or Implementing Agile on day one is the People itself. Every people are different and have their own character. Some of them are difficult to coach because they have already have their own interpretation on how to build a product.

Arthur want to try to have a book discussion session. With reading books Arthur hope we can continuously learning about new thing. Arthur recommend to read “The Phoenix Project”

We will do our next meeting in Citywalk.
Our next session will discuss “How to measure team performance”

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