Agile circles is a community of Agile practitioners. Circles are like minded peers in the same role as you (scrum master, product owner, developer or leader). Each circle is facilitated by an agile coach.

The circles are separate from the meetups Agile India organizes. At the meetups, everyone is invited. The discussions are usually about agile frameworks, scrum and high level topics. The circles are more intimate. Because you gather monthly and the sessions are facilitated, you build trust. This enables circles to address real problems and openly discuss pain points.

Our circles consist of:

  • Monthly circle sessions
  • Slack: private circle
  • Slack: community support

Each circle consists of 3 – 9 people with a dedicated coach. In your circle, there will be only people in the same role from other organizations. This enables you to share the specific challenges you face in your role and hear how others have solved them.

Circles are based upon agile values and principles:

  • Respect: what you share in your circle, stays in that circle. We create a safe environment to discuss the things that really matter to you.
  • Openness: we share what’s in our hearts and minds.
  • Focus: we timebox our meetings. The coach is a great facilitator.
  • We speak from experience instead of giving advice. (Gestalt)
  • Self Organisation: the circle members self organize. It’s valuable to start with a planning, work in focused time boxes and do a retrospective.

The program has recently started and is (initially) free of charge. If you are interested in joining, please register here.